Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Vanuatu?

Located in the norhwest corner of the South Pacific, Vanuatu is a short flight from the east coast of Australia, Auckland New Zealand, New Caledonia and Nandi Fiji. There are several flights weekly.

What kind of currency will I need in Vanuatu?

Vatu is the local currency in Vanuatu. You can change a few notes at the airport, but it is better to do it down town Port Vila.

Will I need a visa in Vanuatu?

You do not need a visa in Vanuatu, unless you are from countries such as China.

What language is spoken in Vanuatu?

English, Bislama and French are the spoken languages in Vanuatu. You can get by using only English. Vanuatu does have over 150 langues, but these are spoken only by the islanders.

Do I need to tip in Vanuatu?

Tipping is discouraged in Vanuatu.

Can we get married in Vanuatu?

There are many wonderful wedding facilitators in Vanuatu who will take care of all your needs for that very special day. Your marriage certificat is recognized in other countries. You can get married in just three days if you really want to.

Is it safe to move around in Vanuatu?

Vanuatu was voted the Happiest Country on Earth in 2006. You will find the people friendly and only too happy to assist the visitor. There is no problem moving anywhere in Vanautu and there are no nasty creepy crawlies with poisonous bites, waiting for a victim, in the bush.

The only word of caution, as in any country in the world, it is not advisable for women to wander around on their own at night. There is always the rebel element in every society who want to make fun after a few drinks.

Is it safe to drink the tap water?

Absolutely. We never buy water ourselves, but drink from the tap.

Vanuatu is a great place for that really special and unique vacation. Come and enjoy the tropical islands, the culture, the traditions and the exotic scenery. Throw away your watch and enjoy the lay back ‘Island Time’ and Discover What Matteres.

From time to time you can get huge discount deals on other Pacific nations, but you will never get better than a holiday in unique Vanuatu. It will feel as if you have stepped back in time into an ancient culture. An experience like no other, from coral beaches to pristine wilderness. And only three hours flight from Sydney, Australia.

If you have any other queries contact us and we will assist you. Please let us know if you have any other faq’s you would like to see on this page.